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What do we do?
The question is: What can we do for you?


While our capabilities are certainly broad, we don’t pretend to be all things to all people. We are focused on five areas of practice: brand development, advertising, marketing communications, online content and marketing, strategic communications and engagement.


Brand development is about choosing to lead.

Brand development is at the heart of everything we do. We have helped organizations assess and audit their brand positions. We’ve led complex branding and rebranding initiatives. We’ve developed specific strategies to create, build and maintain brand equity. We’ve launched new products, new service lines, new facilities and new brands, and we’ve repositioned and redefined existing brands.

Ultimately, whether we’re strategically defining or redefining a brand or an entire organization or producing an online campaign, the goal is the same: build brand value through strong strategy, distinguished messaging, internal and external engagement and the clear, consistent communication of core values.


Marketing Communications is telling your story well.

We are, first and foremost, storytellers. Every story, for every client and every application, is unique. And quality is in the details. So is cost-effectiveness.

We have thousands of projects under our belts. We are adept at executing the entire gamut of marketing communications. Regionally, nationally or globally. Whether it’s a core competency brochure (or a Report to the Community), an intricate community communications strategy, support for an internal strategic or engagement initiative, a comprehensive communications and marketing plan or a myriad of other project types, we never forget that it’s your money and that it’s our responsibility to get the job done by helping you tell your story. Effectively. Efficiently. Powerfully.


“You did it. You pulled it off. Thanks again!”


Leveraging experience and innovation for success in the new reality.

The Internet and social worlds have changed the way we all communicate. Over the past few years alone, the landscape has changed completely, and with it, the tools, strategies and models to leverage the new reality.

With every online initiative—micro sites to predictive modeling to SEO to email marketing to integrated social media strategies—function always drives form. Strategy always drives tactics. We’ve been working with online and interactive technologies since 1994. Our focus is on developing strategies, tactics and tools to leverage communications opportunities, engage audiences and drive results in the new reality. The result: dynamic, effective, scalable online strategies and the experience, insight and resources to put you at the forefront of the curve.


Find them, grab them, speak to them, close them.

Online or offline, our philosophy is that the sole purpose of advertising is to persuade. In short, find them, grab them, speak to them, close them.

We believe that strong brands are built on the backs of patient visits and inquiries, propensity to refer and promises fulfilled. So we work hard to find your audience, grab their attention and speak directly to them with the messages they want to see and hear to motivate them to act the way we want them to act.

Each situation is different; each opportunity, unique. And while form certainly follows function here, our work is strong because we focus on persuasively building community and engagement right where your targets live. And creatively, we carry a big stick.


Public Relations is something you have, not something you do.

Our public relations work and approach centers on a rather unique philosophy: that public relations is something you have, not something you do. Generally, our strategic communications and public relations work involves developing the strategies, tactics, initiatives and tools that build community and brand engagement among our clients’ various publics and stakeholders—all driven by clear strategy and specific, articulated, measurable goals and objectives.

We’ve helped our clients identify and strategize publics, and we’ve implemented and executed programs specifically targeted at meeting particular strategic objectives or mitigating specific concerns. Bottom line: internally or externally, our work provides comprehensive and effective support through strategic communications, and ultimately, brand engagement.


It’s a big, big world.

No matter what the scope of the enterprise, all marketing, like politics, is local. Because many of our business-to-business clients are multi-national, much of the work we do is international. We’ve completed literature, advertising, identity and trade show support assignments for use around the world. Whether your needs involve multi-language or multi-cultural communications or extensive, multi-national linguistic, symbolic or branding analyses, we have the resources and experience to get the job done. And we’ve done it many, many times.



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