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To us, nothing is more important to us than being responsive to a client’s request for help. We are committed to being available during business hours and beyond.


As a tomsheehan worldwide client, we will provide you with phone, fax, email and ftp access that you can use 24/7 to ask a question, get an answer or make something happen. Further, with clients and projects around the world, we’re very accustomed to differences in local time and even work habits. Accordingly, we’ve made getting the answers you need as easy and flexible as possible. And we never close.

Have a question? Get an answer. Call us at 877-855-5030
 or email with your comments or questions. You may also mail questions, info requests, RFP’s or large denomination U.S. currency to tomsheehan inc.,
 645 Penn Street, Suite 501, 
Reading, PA 19601.


We live in a dynamic world.

And we do dynamic work. Please visit our blog and join us on the Facebook and LinkedIn social networking portals. We’ll keep you updated on new things we learn, issues of important discussion and general news and information you can use.


Our e-Alert List is a good way to stay informed on issues important to you. We don’t spam, and we won’t share your info with anyone else. Plus, if you don’t find our emails useful and/or even the slightest bit interesting, you can easily unsubscribe at any time. Use the handy form at the bottom of any page.


“Finally, someone who gets it. More than get it, truth be told. Thanks.”


At tomsheehan healthcare, what distinguishes us is not just what we do; nor even just how we do what we do. What really distinguishes us are our people. We have been successful because we hire the best people. In every discipline, our people are experienced, creative, innovative and focused on our clients’ needs. If you’re an accomplished creative or marketing professional, someone who really believes in the work you do, we’d like to hear from you. We regularly have openings for creative and marketing team members with exceptional experience. Is that you? Send us an email——and tell us a little bit about your background and your interest. Don’t forget to attach a resume and a few work samples. Internships— Exclusively for college students. Real work. Real responsibilities. Minimum wage. Internships are available Fall, Spring and Summer; minimum 24 hrs. per week, maximum 40 hrs. per week, depending upon your internship requirements. For more information on internship opportunities, send us an email— – and tell us a little bit about your background and your interest. Don’t forget to attach a resume and a few work samples.


The most rewarding things in life are often free. We are certainly no strangers to pro-bono work. Over the years, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro-bono work to charities and other non-profits in the communities we serve. Proudly, our work has made a difference in the communities we and our clients serve, and we are committed to continuing our efforts. To manage the many requests we receive for assistance, we’ve formalized our pro-bono commitment and process. Each year, in memory of Tom’s father, Thomas F. Sheehan, Sr., we donate up to $50,000 in pro-bono work for organizations serving our clients’ communities. In terms of project types, anything we’re able to accomplish is included in the pro-bono initiative—from brand development to advertising to marcom to strategic communications. There is no project size limit, although smaller projects are easier for us to work into the schedule. We generally commit to three or four pro-bono award recipients per calendar year and schedule pro-bono work approximately six months in advance. If you have a need, and would like to apply for one of our pro-bono grants, send us an email and tell us a little bit about your needs and your organization.


We are always happy to provide topical opinions, background and technical support for the media. For media assistance, call 877-855-5030 or email



Main Office:
tomsheehan, inc.
645 Penn Street
Reading, PA 19601

Telephone: 610-478-8448

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